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I Love My Mommy Personalized Book, Gift For Mom From Kids

I Love My Mommy Personalized Book, Gift For Mom From Kids

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Prompts: Written By One Person Or More

Personalize this gift for mom from kids to tell mommy all the reasons why you love her.

This I Love My Mommy book is a great gift for mom from kids. A wondeful gift idea for Mother's Day or a great gift for mom birthday. 

  • Personalized cover
  • Hardcover: 5.5 × 8.5 inches: 32 pages
  • Easy fill-in-the-blank prompts to write your memory book
  • High-quality paper & state-of–the-art digital printing
  • Printed locally in USA & Canada
  • Fast Shipping (We ship within 4 business days of your order)

Our fill-in-the-blank style makes it so easy to remember your best memories and to get all your thoughts and feelings out. Easy sentence prompts like “You are the best mom because…” You fill in the blank. Share your best memories, all the reasons why you love her, thank her for all she does and share your hopes for your future together.

Great birthday gift idea for mommy, or any special occasion to say I love you. Perfect as a gift for mom from the kids. Or as a mother's day gift.

We took lots of special care in selecting the right materials to create your book. We only use the highest-quality, heavy-weight papers. We use state-of–the-art digital printing. 

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